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Free Online Resources

Free internet resources for research and writing.

Books! Use Goodreads to create lists of books you've read, are currently reading, or would like to read, find book recommendations and reviews, see what friends are reading, join book discussions, and participate in author interviews and Q&A sessions. There's something so satisfying about moving a book from your "Currently Reading" list to your "Read" list! Also features a downloadable app for iPhones and other mobile devices - super handy when browsing Barnes and Noble!

LibriVox: Free audio books from the public domain, read by volunteers from around the world. There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the mp3 or "ogg" files into your own computer.

The Omnivore: What is to movies, The Omnivore is to books. Gathers reviews from around the Web, and gives each book an Omniscore. Also a great way to get online literary and book news. The Omnivore Archive is also worth checking out for reviews going back to 2008.

Movies! A massive database devoted to movies, television programs and video games, IMDB allows users to search for specific films, shows, actors, directors and more, as well as watch the latest movie trailers, access entertainment news, and get box office results. IMDB also offers numerous downloadable apps for iPhones and other mobile devices.  Rottentomatoes gathers movie reviews from all over the web and aggregates them to come up with the tomatometer results - the more positive reviews, the higher the tomatometer will be. Also offering trailers, DVD and game reviews, an energetic comments section, and entertainment news, is the site for all things movie related.

EmpireOnline: From England's premier film magazine comes the site for certified film buffs. Go to EmpireOnline to find the latest movie reviews, interviews, retrospectives, movie poster mashups, and more to indulge your inner movie geek. Though the authors may hail from across the pond, be assured that they're every bit as excited about the new crop of summer blockbusters as they are about the next arthouse breakout. 

Free Tools

iPiccy: Like Photoshop, only free and easy to use, iPiccy allows users to crop, resize, filter and edit their photos.

Jing: This free screencast and screenshot software can make the different between a paper or presentation that's marvelous and one that's just "Meh."

Zotero: Because everyone knows that citing sources and creating bibliographies are the most fun part about writing a paper (not), Zotero is here to save you time and help you organize your sources.